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Vaz-neck, commonly misspronounced as Voz-neck

Relative term for someone who acts in a naturally belligerent, genocidal, or psychopathic manor for long periods at a time do to unresolved issues occurring earlier on in one's life.

A misconception about someone who is a Vaznik is that all Vazniks are massive, savage, violent animals who cannot comprehend complex problems, however, this is untrue in that to be considered Vaznik, one must usually have a brilliantly high I.Q. and comprehensive ability. Size and mass are only a stereotypical myth and are not necessary to be a Vaznik.
Both Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler were considered to be a Vaznik. The Incredible Hulk, Campo Elias Delgado, Jigsaw, and Attila the Hun all are also considered to be Vazniks.
by Tsunamaii November 19, 2013

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