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An English pagan God, dating back to the 3rd century BC. It is believed that there were many cults concerning this entity, and sacrifices were offered daily to the God. Vaukins was believed to be the God of wealth, prosperity, and extreme physical ability.

Texts dating back to that time state that games, much like today's olympics, were held in Vaukins' honor.

It is also believed that Vaukins disappeared after venturing into the underworld, to recover the soul of his lost wife, Beevor, queen of the troll people. Tales have it told that Vaukins went mad in his search.
All hail Vaukins, lord of the earth!
by Willy V May 21, 2008
Evil, mad, insane. Usually used to describe a person.
Nathan thinks that Will is vaukins.
by Nathan White October 11, 2007
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