One of the cool kids. The cat daddy kids. The unique kid. The freak of nature but in a good way kid. An awesome person that you know you can always count on. Works at McDonalds which even makes him all the more better. Also, if you want to get lifted up on someone's shoulders during a wiz concert Vaughn will be there. When you say something Vaughn it is like a greater acheivement than the purple heart.
Wiz Khlaifia is Vaughn.
Awh that girl Vaughn.
Bruh Bruh, your shoes are Vaughn.
by thecoolkid;* February 10, 2011
Top Definition
Vaughn is the best guy ever, literally. Vaughn can also be used as any type of word, verb, adjective, or a noun. All of which mean unbelievably great, or the act of being unbelievably great. (American in origin.{Atlantic Citian to be specific)
Noun = Vaughn is a great guy.

Verb = He is Vaughning right now (as some one does something great.)

Adjective = That cat is totally Vaughn.

Adverb = I ran so Vaughnly that I won the race.
by Alfonse Ammerman June 09, 2005
Vaughn is one of the most amazing guys you will ever meet in your life. He will make you smile even when your day has been horrible before you saw him. He is a music lover, and will become famous one day. If you don't love Vaughn, then you are absolutely insane because he is pluperfect in the eyes of many girls. Let's face the facts; Vaughn is actually really hot!
I wish I had a friend like Vaughn. :)
by MichaelaDP April 08, 2012
Amazing guy with a very hot voice.

A person you can always trust no matter what.

There is no one quite like him. He is definitely one of a kind.

And you have an AMAZING personality <3

mmya vaughn :P
vaughn :) no one else quite like you out there :)
by mmya August 24, 2011
An extremely confusing dude. Kinda hot, but kinda not. Will make you fall in love, just to let you down. He will still lead you on, saying you're pretty and skinny. Nice to people, flirts with girls. Supposedly a good boyfriend. Not too sure.
One day: "I love Vaughn"
Next Day: "He's a fucking asshole"
by foxsox123 October 02, 2013
hooking up with any chick no matter your situation or who it is and later acting like it never happened
bra i just pulled a vaughn but dont tell any one....

Eh see that chick go pull a vaughn
by DDB CRew May 23, 2010
|Vawn| verb {vaughned, vaughning} 1. To drop or leave a class because of intense dislike of the teacher/professor.
1. All of chorale is vaughning today. Mr. Vaughn will not be happy.
2. "So are you all going to vaughn this class now?"
by A Nony Mous September 23, 2007
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