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A bad looking ass that forms a V shape with the butt cheeks. Often associated with asses from the 80's or a flat ass. Can often be seen in sweat pants or stone washed jeans. Also known as a saggy butt.
I saw a chick at the bar with a disgusting Vass the other night!
by Keegan540 August 29, 2008
Vass is the backbone of greatness... and a really cool name to have on your t-shirts... Stems from the name Vassilios.
Vass is an awsome guy.
by Vassilios Bayiokos October 30, 2003
When a girl gets fingered sooo much that her vagina and her ass, becomes one, and forms the vass.
Wow, i heard she got fisted so many times, she started a vass!
by hey,sexy[; November 08, 2010
If your taint is missing what you would call the vagina/asshole that is there.
The girl with no legs, also lost her taint in the accident, but guys still fuck her vass.
by Jason Piche October 27, 2005