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1337357 member of a Narutard-site which he abandoned, the Vashyro makes AIM and MSN unsafe for nice and innocent girls. He is loved by many, and loathed by even more for his 00berness

His lovable and hentai ways made him loved by many girls who have a thing for out of the ordanairy boys who love anime, video games and DD cat girls.

Other ways of calling it; Lord Of D(X), LoD, Vash, Vashidash, Vashie, Fuhen, hentai, 1337.
Member2; Oh yeah, he is sooooo 1337, I just want him to NGP his way into my valley of the kings <333
by Dave April 09, 2005
Vashyro, one who follows Flamealchemist. Flamealchemist is cool, smart, and better at everything. That is why Vashyro wants to be like Flamealchemist when he grows up. Even Flamealchemist wants to be like Flamealchemist when he grows up.
Vashryo: I want to be so much like Flamealchemist

Flamealchemist: Yeah me too.
by NotFlamealchemist April 09, 2005
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