a dumbass cock sucker who enjoys licking his own balls and pulling a Jawad at the same time at the bus stop
He's a vasanth
by El_burro March 23, 2003
Top Definition
A walking talking revision guide for the local un-enlightened lot.

The one with the knowledge.
I need me a Vasanth!
by Will Croft June 09, 2004
Hindu name meaning "happy" and "spring"

A super smart gentleman who embodies dignity and integrity. Vasanth is happiest when others are happy, and always makes sure that others are comfortable and enjoying themselves.
Julie: who's that handsome mench?

Vishal: That's Vasanth! Hands off, I saw him first!
by mayalikesfood May 03, 2014
a cpu geek who is upsessed with Unreal Tournament.
u r such a vasanth
by Anonymous March 23, 2003
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