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A girl with variable levels of virginity, usually a girl who claims she is/was a virgin but does not act like a virgin in bed and further accounts of past relationships leaves doubts as to how much of a virgin she really is. This often leads to a internal struggle in a guys head as to whether he has really conquered a real virgin or not.
Guy 1: That girl I have been dating says she was a virgin.

Guy 2: Really? Nice!!

Guy 1: Yeah, but she seemed more experienced than I am in bed and she says she's dated lots of guys, I find it hard to believe she really was a virgin.

Guy 2: So you think she was lying?

Guy 1: I don't know, I think she has more experience than what she says she has, I think she is more of a "Varigin" than anything.
by Lickloled May 13, 2013
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