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Vaporeon is a fox/fish Pokemon. It's good against fire, ground, and rock types. But is bad against electric, grass, and dragon types. Vaporeon can melt itself in water and make itself disappear. Most people think it's a mermaid because of its long, beautiful tail.
To change eevee into this Pokemon, you must train eevee wisley and evolve it with a water stone.
by Someone you may never meet October 12, 2003
A Water- type Pokemon that evolves from Eevee when the Water Stone is used. It bears a passing resemblance to Pietro Maximoff a.k.a Quicksilver of X-men Evolution due to its ears :P
Quick- Oh, look at me..I have a firm butt...lalalala *trips over a Vaporeon* Hey, what's this thing doing here?
Vaporeon- *Crawls on Quick and starts messing with his hair, then starts humping his leg*
Quick- Not now, I have to show everyone my tight little butt. Get off me!
*kicks Vaporeon, who gets Po'ed and does Blizzard on him*
by RatchetBoo July 07, 2003