Vagina and penis formed into ONE word. Described for a Bisexual man or women most of the time.
Stephanie is so Vanis.
Lukis you must be Vanis.
by xidrgafx June 24, 2008
Top Definition

A beautiful goddess with the voice of angels.

When you meet a "VANI" be very grateful as she is usually a very caring and loving person she will stick with you through thick and thin.
Random: hi vani i am having really bad problems at home
Vani: its alright im here just talk to me

Vani singing:

' Oh Happy Days...'
by haeyhaey123 September 08, 2009
The most beautiful girl you will ever meet.
Usually has dark hair and brown eyes
Very smart, and enjoys reading, music and other forms of the arts.
Yet at the same time is one of the guys, enjoys sports and knows how to have a good time... Vani's are usually beautiful and very talented, especially in music. She doesn't have many close/best friends, but get along with pretty much everyone, yet is always faithful and loyal to her friends&is always there for them when they need her, she's the sweetest cutest, funiest person you'll meet.
A Vani has an overall amazing personality and you should be happy when you meet one.
P1:Wow did you see Vani at the dance last night?
P2: Yeah, she looked beautiful
P1: yes I know right.. And she looked like she was having a blast!
by beautifulhockeygirl June 13, 2013
one who seeks drama and a great amount of attention from others. She thinks she's the center of the universe. self involved to the max. if you meet one, run for your life. seriously.
person 1: hey
person 2: hi
vani: ugh.
person 1: what?
vani: i'm too cool for you
person 2: huh?
vani: pay attention to me.
persons 1 and 2: uhh...
vani: i hate you. we have to break up.
persons 1 and 2: ...
vani: i'm never speaking to you again.
by Chandy November 25, 2005

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