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(n.) refers to a sexy girl at Catholic U who you want to bang
Danggg, did you see that Vanderhoof... I'd get with her!
by mcgowan123 May 26, 2010
A town of roughly 5000 people most of whom are related. Its claim to fame is that it is the geographical centre of British Columbia, although this is disputed by neighbouring towns that claims that someone measured incorrectly. It also has more churches per capita than is possibly necessary, especially since half of them are some form of Mennonite. If you happen to meet someone there who wasn't born there they are probably pretty decent people who arrived in the town for work and stayed because of the amazing scenery.
Why can't Vanderhoof be populated by someone other than conservative rednecks?
by left of centre April 21, 2006
Vanderhoof is a skate park in toronto ontario (canada) It is also the name of the street it is on.
It has a great bowl but a shitty street set up
Vanderhoof has a nice bowl but theres a crack above the 6 set and the ledges are warped.
by n333m September 05, 2005
Usually refers to the first shit taken in the morning. A very large shit. Also called a Vanderhoof
Dude, did you see the size of that Vanderhoof? That is one massive shit!
by Vanderhoof2 June 10, 2009

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