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1. The state of carefree emotional detachment experienced by students of Vanderbilt University, where good looks, expensive cars, and fine drugs and alcohol are things to be taken for granted in life and everything else is considered "poor people problems".

2. The paradigm, or world view, of a typical Vanderbilt kid, who has never worked a day in his life but enjoys blowing lines off his daddy's MasterCard while drunk driving gorgeous sorority girls around campus on blunt rides in his BMW.

3. Vanderbilt University.

(Can also be used as an adjective)
When Scott saw the headline about the Darfur genocide, he was momentarily distracted from his life of Vanderblah. After taking another bong rip and turning on his XBox 360, he had forgotten about Darfur entirely: Ah, Vanderblah!

As Sarah sped her RangeRover down West End, she pointed to the raggedy man on the bench, joking, "That homeless loser will never enjoy a day of Vanderblah in his life!"

by RVDestroyer69 February 08, 2008
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