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An older woman who frequents clubs in Vancouver in order to get with a much younger man. Usually, they are seen prowling around inner city neighbourhoods such as Kitsilano and Yaletown. They may attack during any season, as they are insatiable, but tend to be more active in the summer, when the beaches are packed with hot young college students. Vancougars are extremely popular with young immigrant latino men looking for a sugar mamma.
Yo cumpadre, I scorded with a vancougar last night. I didn't have to use any panty remover at all, in fact, she bought all the drinks. She was on fire, I hit la mammacita all night long.
by Don Juan de las Americas June 25, 2008
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Middle age women who like to pick up younger men who own a van.
Vancougar likes the custom vans the most.
by ChAoS@Zor May 06, 2011
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