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adj: To Vanap=Vanapping

1.The act of sleeping in ones van while on a long trip, instead of a hotel, motel...or holiday inn.

A. The resting period wont be that long as to justify an entire room. You'll need just enough sleep to not smash into that family of seven all packed into the festiva headed to Uncle Phils to hear about his goiter.

B. Also a co-pilot might sleep in the van while another person drives, making the trip shorter. Taking shifts.
Will: Hey Clint, did that promoter give you any extra cash for a hotel?

Clint: No, just hop in the back of Van-disel and vanap. We'll be there in no time.
#van #napping #road trip #sleep #tightwad #highway
by Wombat Fire January 13, 2011
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