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When someone with lack of brain function gets rodgered whilst dressed in a nun's habit, often by someone who believes they're of superior intelligence. Whilst being 'van-Tromped' the 'van-Tromper' can recite Sophocles or explain Einstein's theory of relativity, or other such information akin to this.

The 'Van-Tromper' does not require batteries, just an air of arrogance. Success is achieved if the 'Van-Tromped' does not understand what is going on.

The 'Van-Tromped' should be of Dutch decent, but have no knowledge of ancestral roots, the culture or language.
That blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl dressed as a nun got utterly 'Van-Tromp -ed' last night by the entire Oxford Rugger team.
by The Big Sophsta June 18, 2010
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