A Van Pelt,F is a 5 year low pay scale know it all,when it comes down to Van pelt,F the nessessary of running his mouth with no action or no knowledge of what he is talking about is expected from such a person. i mean in some cases one might think the baby was theres when one had no baby to begin with,a fool a burburing idiot one might add.Van Pelts tend to cross with other Van Pelts becuase of the nature of them not beeing able to find another human beeing capable of putting up with their stories that never existed, or how many times they been cheated on or even their sexual behavior or lack of.you might find a Van Pelt in the Great North West or in the Hawaiian paradise
That guy is acting like a Van Pelt,F
by theman169 April 03, 2010
Top Definition
When a girl pulls the rug out from under a guy, the way Lucy used to do with Charlie Brown
Joe: "do you love me?"
Jill: "of course i do"
Joe: "that makes me feel great!"
Jill: "LOL, just kidding"
Joe: "damn! Van Pelted again!"
by dirk whitesocks March 16, 2009
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