Refers to Vampire aesthetics, as in the subculture. Typically vampire refers to the vampires of history. Vampyre is the term used for modern day people who participate in vampire role-play or dress etc.
Dracula is a vampire, the chic with the fangs wearing all black at the coffee shop is a vampyre.
by Heidi April 26, 2005
Top Definition
The olde english way of spelling vampire.
That guys a vampyre.
by Flying Shaman Of Doom August 15, 2006
Thought by many (Morons) to be a 'cooler' way of spelling Vampire, this is not the case a 'Vampyre' is actually a mortal Vampire.
She was a Vampyre, a mortal Vampire.
by lordpestilence February 18, 2005
the english version origin of vampire
vampire? vampyre? the true origin of all of them is Upir
by malficeus January 31, 2008
The old english way of spelling "Vampire." It's also the title of the first vampire story written in the english language; which was published in 1819. Seventy-nine years before the publication of Bram Stoker's vampire novel "Dracula."

During the year without summer (1816) in which Mary & Percy Shelly, Clair Clairmont, Lord Byron, and John Polidori were gathered at the Villa Diodati, Switzerland; Lord Byron suggested, on one night, that each should write a horror story.

During that night, Polidori began writing a short tale which would become the first vampire story ever written in the english language, titled: "The Vampyre."

It should also be noted that during that same night, Mary Shelley started working on a story which would later evolve into the famous novel "Frankenstein."
Polidori's story "The Vampyre" is a short story which was, at first, was falsely credited to Lord Byron. Nevertheless, it was later confirmed by Byron that the author was in fact John William Polidori (Lord Byron's physician).
by jdavid10 June 23, 2011
Though it is thought by many ignorant people to be an alternate spelling of the word vampire, it is actually a mortal vampire, and part of the occult.

Vampyres drink donated human blood or will eat raw meat to satisfy the craving.
Vampyre : *eating raw meat*
Friend : Uhh... Dude isn't that dangerous?
Vampyre : No dude don't worry about it. I'm a vampyre.
by xMercury November 14, 2010
Simply an archaic word with the same meaning as the modern spelling of vampire.
Moron: I think i'm 1337 so i'll type Vampyre rather than Vampire.
by lordpestilence July 13, 2005

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