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Val - their - oh

Screenname. Commonly mistaken for Vault Hero, a Fallout 3 reference.
Derived from a clan alliance during a tournament in the game Star Wars: Battlefront for PC.
=Vets=, ALT and ~HERO all teamed up to make the alliance Valthero.
So Valthero asked permission to use the alliance name after the war and was granted permission.

Definitely not a death knight.
Did you hear about Valthero's newest video?
by Valthero August 28, 2010
8 Words related to Valthero
Val - Theeer - Ooo

A stupid ass Deathnknight in the guild Army of Darkness (Horde Us Bleeding Hollow)
Rather dumb, not very smart, mentally handicapped and physically as well.
Valthero is a dumb piece of shit.
by onefishtwofishredfishbluefishe April 09, 2009

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