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A genuine Penis.

This term arose from the behaviours of a certain former Canberra cricketer. When told that he was batting at 9 he turned his chair away from the game that he was involved in and refused to watch his teammates that were batting higher than him. These events were later relayed to other club members and in doing so this particular person was described as a penis.

This is also a term used when playing knock poker where a player will throw out a card and then retrieve the same card (numerically speaking). From there a song and dance is performed to mark the occasion.
P1: You should of seen this Valey we played against today, such a Valey. Come to think of it, they were all a bunch of Valeys.
P2: Well, what do you expect? Everyone knows that their club is full of Valeys.
by Your mate Valey January 06, 2014
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