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1.A card, note or gift sent for Valentines Day to an ex girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse or former "good" friend that contain left handed complements or thinly veiled insults.

2. A really crappy or thoughtless Valentines gift.
1. Dear Bill: Thank you for the one day pass to the "doggie" day spa. What a thoughtful Valentines gift! I thought you knew , I don't own a dog anymore. At least , since you moved out. With your dog of course. Your Friend, Susan

2. Oh look Debbie, Jason sent you "Beer of The Month" gift selection for Valenturds uh...excuse me, Valentines Day!

3. " You got a gift card to where? Isn't that a "plus" size store?" asked Linda.

4. Your welcome, that Cubic Zirconia really captures the fire in your eyes tonight.

5. Oh , Pizza Hut gift cards...geez, what a Valenturd
by GlobalFred February 17, 2009
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