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1. The loose skin on the end of a woman's elbow.

2. A leathery vulva.

3. A reference to a mythical being related to the planet Clitoria, or the Vajuntatron, priestess of the Cult of the Faceless hobo.
Vajuntatron has no thumbs, so she has to use her vajunt to play with her vajunt.
#cunt #caviar #pussy #rag #vag
by Prophet of the Faceless hobo August 17, 2009
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Adjective: When Vagina or Cunt doesn't quite describe competence of said individual the combination of the two create better discription. Total idiot of low character. See also Fuktard.
"When she showed me her ridiculous Louie Vuitton bag she was acting like such a Vajunt."
#vagunt #vigunt #vijunt #va-junt #vejunt
by Joyce V. February 15, 2009
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