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a vagina with unkept or poorly maintained pubic hair.

Combination of the words Vagina and Jungle.
Last night I went down on this girl, and it turned out she had a vajungle. I have been pulling hairs out of my teeth all day.
by James Pullan March 20, 2005
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Very Hairy Pussy
Q: Did you see that girls bikini? There's hair flying all over the place...

A:Yeah dude. Its a Vajungle in there...
by $P!N December 11, 2010
An extremely hairy vagina.
Mike: Yeah, i went out with Jenny last night.
Ted: Aw man, how far'd ya get.
Mike: I got into her pants alright, but she had a vajungle.
Ted: Really?
Mike: Yeah, it was like Bigfoot's head between her legs.
by MarkyM April 09, 2007
An impenetrable, probably sloopy, vagina in a state of extreme overgrowth. Accompanied by oppressive and possibly deadly humidity level and dankness. Likened to the triple canopy jungles of southeast asia.
Dude 1: Man, what's that gnarly stench?
Dude 2: Oh, I just hacked my way out of a pretty rough vajungle. Take my beer goggles away, bro.
by Thomas Anstaafl April 09, 2008
Meaning a lady with a very hairy vagina
Jesus woman that the biggest Vajungle i have ever seen, wheres ma machete mon.
by RileyUK123 December 23, 2008
Overgrown, unmanicured pubic region of the female body
1970's porn stars, nerds, nuns, beaver, bush are all words that relate to vajungle. Her vajungle has never seen a razor.
by makdaddiowski April 02, 2011
A hairy, sweaty vagina with crabs.
Dude! Last night I got caught up in some mad vajungle.
by J Squeaky January 26, 2010

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