the foremost level of awesome, the last name of the greatest professor in Boston University history, badass in the best way, ingenius
"Dude can you believe how sick that was? It was so vail." "I'm stoked dude, this concert is gonna be so vail."
by Sean Hammer October 12, 2006
A south american jungle with critters.
Wow vail, your pussy is really south american style with little critters!
by Vail November 04, 2003
A livley show or a singer and dancer.
Wow, she's a good vail!
by Irish Dancer April 05, 2004
being a jerk and not having any friends
I know this kid thats a jerk he is such a vail
by Brendan V, November 22, 2006
Rest stop on I70 that fronts as a ski resort and really just wishes to be as cool as Aspen.
I'm driving through Vail on my way to Aspen.
by errizarif April 20, 2009

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