A nice quiet guy, very mysterious, not very optimistic. Dark, but when he opens up nice and fun to be with. You wont find many Vails. A skater or punk type usually. Not very emotional. Shy and unique just like his name. Laughs alot when youre his friend.
girl 1: "omg, look at that hot guy over there!"
girl 2: "vail? ew. he's weird"
everyone: "stfu he's soo sexy"
*vail walks by*
girls: "hiii vail! goin to the party tonight?"
vail: "idk, i guess.."
*sigh* "hes soo dreamy"
by hiitsyournamer November 27, 2011
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A great ski area in central Colorado. Lots of trails, great town, fast lifts.
Instead of going to Aspen this winter, I went to Vail, and was pleasantly surprised by what I found
by SkiParent June 21, 2005
The best place to snowboard in Colorado. No...take that back...the best in the world.
Vail has a superpipe and seven back bowls.
by GGGGGGGGGGG June 17, 2006
Ancient indian word: Means "Flat mountain."
She's pretty, but her chest is flatter than Vail.
by newsance February 14, 2012
A term used to describe a mistake, generally of the sexual nature.
Shit Man! You pulled a Vail with that guy!
by K March 18, 2004
A german Nazi, often egotistical, with reason to be. Usually known for their God complex; A superior being.
1. That vail, he makes me QQ. He's so superior!
2. That guy is such a vail.
by LoLuMaD?!?1 January 24, 2008
A poser, particularily in relation to a socially disrespected and shunned one who imitates a group of skaters.
Man, that dude is just one of those Vails.

That guy used to be so cool, but now he's acting like a Vail.
by Thunderdick123100 August 31, 2010

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