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someone who is mainly persian, is tall, and very sexy, and has nice hair, usually are nice and kind people, and very honest
Damn what's that boys name?
He's so sexy
by pikopiko February 01, 2009
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- has as much storage space as a PS1 memory card.
-repeats the same joke over and over again, until its so unfunny the joke its self has been outlawed in the EU.

- has no understanding of banter.
- can drown in the shower.

- immune against brain eating zombies.

- prone to hurting himself in the oddest ways.

- people would rather talk to PPI telesales.

- Interacting with him is like standing on an upturned plug everything 3 seconds
Person1: There is this guy at work and he is a right Vahid.

Person2: Oh no, you poor soul!
by BuckFizz83 May 14, 2015

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