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It's when something, or someone is sort of non-specific about whatever it is that they might (or might not) be talking about, dealing with, screwing or what have you. Unless it's not, which means that at some point it may or may not be. Time will tell.
Insert specific example of vague here. Show your work.
by Madmann October 07, 2005
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Vague is when something is not explained fully. A Vague character is somebody that people do not know anything about.
Tom: Who's that girl?
Dave: Dunno some minter.

Ben: Look at that guy walking around with one shoe! Who is he!
Dave: Fuck knows! Some Vague character!
by Wasnim February 19, 2005
In reference to an Asian whose eyes are so slanty they are unable to see clearly.
1: Hey did Chang see you today?
2: No, I scooted by him since he can only see vaguely anyway.
by hellomanatee January 31, 2011
A awesome band who plays rock music to large audiences on very frequent occasions. They reside in New Zealand and are very good.
Person 1: Hey, ever hear of the Awesome band Vague?
Person 2: Heck Yes!
Person 1: They rock my socks!
by imaguitarist July 15, 2006

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