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Noun. Vah-joned.

1. To be owned in some way by a vagina.

2. To be owned in some way by a feminist.

3. A girl breaks up with you and becomes a lesbian.
1. Guy 1: He got his fist stuck in WHERE?

2. My friend opened a door for this girl and she just started screaming at him about how she wasn't weak and didn't need his help. That feminist bitch totally vagowned him...

3. She left him for another woman. Poor Frank was totally vagowned.
by Deadloched January 02, 2008
When a girl is kicked in the vagina, especially by another girl.
Person One: "dude, did you hear that those two girls got into a fight?"

Person two: Yeah, that bitch totally got vagowned.
by Infinite Eventuality June 10, 2009