A poof, a homosexual. Someone who has sex with other men. A man who likes another mans dick up his ass.
Vicenzo was at the gay bar being a vagoom last night.

Larry was being vagoom when he went to the truck stop to blow greasy truckers for 1 dollar bills.
by MOTAFUCKINHUGHES March 05, 2013
The most amazing feminine sensation known to womankind. The vagina's physical reaction to the psychological conditions of sex. It begins to throb or pulsate and becomes extremely wet. In a sense, this is its way of "pulling" you towards the penis. Usually disrupts any sense of rationality and self control. A she-boner.
Oh my god I was so rediculously horny! I kept getting the craziest vagooms EVER!

i feel terrible, i didn't mean to, but... i was getting "vagooms" and then i just HAD to.
by SNQV February 05, 2009

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