When a girl finally loses her vagina-virginity after previously only having anal sex to technically remain a virgin.
"Now that Loren is getting married, I guess she's finally going to lose her vaginity."

"Yeah, and her ass can quit hurting all the time."

by Maid of Honor February 03, 2010
The turning point where a close male friend becomes a vagina, avoiding all friends and social events for Sunday brunches, Haircuts, Brazilian Waxes, curling competitions, and dog shows.

This is a tragic event to witness.
Friend 1: Yo, do you know where Joe is?
Friend 2: Yup, he found his vaginity

Friend 1: ?
Friend 2: He's become a vagina.
by WillyBeaman November 18, 2009
The term used to describe when a gay male has sexual intercourse with a woman for the first time.
Brent: Oh bro, I nailed Sandy so hard last night
Ryan: Dude, I thought you were gay?!
Brent: I am! We've been doing triple c's and hooking up since I lost my vaginity to her last week
Ryan: Sweeet
by BreakingHymen January 25, 2014
1-Maintaining your vagina's physiological virginity.
Saving your vagina for marriage.
Brent - " hey sally's lookin' pretty sexy, but I heard she's had sex and I want to date a virgin..."
Keifer - " Don't worry man, she still has her vaginity, her hole is clean!"
Brent - "Awesome!!!!!!"
by Not Eugene March 29, 2010
The loss of a vagina's virginity.
"I heard she was untapped so I stuck it in her vaginity."
by The Beaver Bumper January 03, 2008
a womans virginity
Julia: I lost my vaginity yesterday

Cassandra: ...ok
by Mrs. Mr. Ms. Dr. Nick September 21, 2008

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