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A play off of the word "diatribe", a vaginatribe is an impassioned rant delivered by a male in regards to his 1) lack of sex, 2) lack of girlfriend or 3) lack of contact with any females whatsoever. Usually delivered in a whiny way implicating comparisons to a "little bitch", which thus provides dual meaning to the word "vaginatribe".
I just don't understand why I have to spend every night alone listening to my old Dashboard Confessional CD's. How many times will I have to look up at the stars and wonder if she is looking at the same star I am? I just want to be next to her, but she doesn't even see me. I wish I could smell her hair once more before I go to bed.

Jesus Christ, Mark. Is your vaginatribe over yet?
by DJ DEUCE GROAN February 15, 2010

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