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A vagina mullet is when a woman shaves her pubic hair above as well as around the front of her vagina, but leaves copious amounts of thick-dark hair around her anus as well as her taint. You will only be able to see this type of style in the doggy position. By deffinition, she will be business in the front and party in the back....except it's not a gathering of which you would like to attend. No man should have to experience such an atrocity!
Awe man did you hook up with that girl from the other night? I did, but she had a vagina mullet man!
by AJP 9000 March 05, 2012
Vaginal hair trimmed short in the front and long in the back. Also the name of a metal band in the early 2000's, who pronounced their title "vah-john-aye-moo-lay" and claimed it was French for "hairy steak".
"She had a sweet vagina mullet, and I liked it."
"The band Vagina Mullet played a rad show!"
by Chelsarrr February 26, 2012
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