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noun: One that specializes in the vaginal branch of the "Hoe" profession. This craft has become so diluted by other types of "hoe-ing" (such as Butt Hoe) and poor Vagina Hoe skills (due to laziness) that a possible pending extinction of the profession has become a popular issue, going so far as to raising "Vagina Hoe Awareness" among its fans.

Love and respect for the dying art form has even resulted in a street (understandably) being named after the Vagina Hoe profession in La Quinta, California: Calle Vallejo (Spanish for Vagina Hoe Street).
Excuse me, Fake Andrew, do you serve any Vagina Hoes here? No? That's a shame. Don't you know about Vagina Hoe awareness? Respect the art.
by AyandesS, baby. Who else? June 11, 2012
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