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A tight ass little golf community in the Coachella Valley in in Southern California.
"Do you go to Palm Desert?"

"Naw screw that man, I go to La Quinta!"
by CHEEZEWIZ February 01, 2009
A versatile Spanish phrase with a vast array of meanings dependent on context, including but not limited to:

- "next to Denny's"
- "new and improved"
- "we're glad you're here"
- "everything just clicks"
- "growth spurt"
- "fast"
- "free high-speed Internet"
- "giving back to the community"

Due to this versatility, some people have claimed that La Quinta is, in fact, a sub-language within Spanish, rather than a simple Spanish phrase.

Problematically, the term has come to mean so many different things that it is possible to form various complete sentences by simply repeating "La Quinta," a property which can cause confusion and incomprehension from an uninformed listener.
La Quinta La Quinta La Quinta, La Quinta?

La Quinta La Quinta!
by Un peso August 24, 2007
The definition of La Quinta, as in La Quinta Inn: Next to Denny's
Weren't La Quintas's located next to Denny's?
by Woody73 March 18, 2007
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