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A medicinal cream that you put a blob onto your hands and fingers, insert deep into your vagina and use to clean the walls of your uteris, as It pleasures you. The cream works best if you reach climax.

The cream acts as a magnet to all the impurities in your vagina. The cream, then, all comes together into a blob with all the impurities in it. After an hour, the blob hardens into a smooth, dirt clod like substance that you can simply remove with a few easy steps.

1. Lube up the lips of your vagina with any kind of regular household lubricant. KY Jelly works nicely.

2. using both your index and middle fingers on both hands, open up your vaginal walls as far as you can without hurting yourself.

3. Push the blob out slowly by constricting the muscles in your vagina.

Tips on what to do with the hardened blob:

-Feed it to your dog or cat! It'll clean out their system too (Vagicore is not responsible for death of cat or dog)
-Preserve it and keep it. It'll be worth a lot of money if or when you are famous
-Throw it out! you dont have to keep it, we're sure youll want use Vagicore again soon enough.
"Cindy hadn't been touched in so long, I knew it was time to get her some Vagicore to make sure her whistle was clean."
by Kevin and Mike December 30, 2006
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