A group of doucebags walking down the street together.
"Did you see the vaggle that just walked in?"

"Yeah those are the douchebags that work at Vuurr."
by The Pink Gorrilla January 03, 2012
Top Definition
A group of two or more VagHags or Vaginal Vampires or a combination of a VagHag and a Vaginal Vampire usually conniving, on some level, to find a way to deny women their inherent rights.
As soon as the legislature was sworn in a republican Vaggle formed at the rear of the chamber. The VagHags, in their modest Vaggle of four, acquiesced to the larger Vaggle of 40 Vaginal Vampires, who were writing legislation to outlaw all contraceptive coverage in the state.

It should be noted, the Vaggle of VagHags didn't acquiesce, one of their votes was bought with SuperPac funds, one with a committee assignment, and two of the four were sleeping with a pair of VagVamps.
by Bort666 January 22, 2013
A "vaggle" is a group of women, usually in a casual social setting, having a typical women group conversation.

"vaggle" is derived from vag gaggle
Dennis got caught in a "vaggle". This means that one of your friends was left alone in a conversation with a group of women.
by High Low Jack January 26, 2014
that part of paris hilton's butt cheek closest to her vag that sways back and forth when she forgets her pants
yo, paris' vaggle straight up slapped me across the face
by kevreb May 08, 2006
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