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When a bitch is so skinny, no matter how hard she tries to close her legs, there is still a triganle between her snatch and legs. Pronounced: "Va-jangle"
Get that bitch a cheeseburger, with a vagangle like that, I bet she throws up everything she eats!
by AllTagsRTaken May 24, 2009
when a girl is eating bogangles and you fuck her in the vagina
"Vagangles is the best thing i've ever done sexually"
by Benny Martinez December 25, 2007
When a girl shaves her hair around her snatch in the shape of an upside down triangle. also symbolising an arrow to bring men in for sex.
The girl last night put my had down her pants and her vagangle pointed mee in the right direction of the prize!!
by djmoney0330 May 19, 2011