A slippery rubber vagina stuffed into a tin for ones perverted pleasure :P
Johnny says to his Friend Sidney "Hey man , i havent had my share of pink sandwich in months ". Sidney replies "Try My vag-in-a-can" . "Whats a vag-in-a-can" Demands Johnny. "Its a can shaped vagina that you can penetrate !! , all u have to do is give it a wipe down and put it back in your draw ;)"
by Johnny ;) January 16, 2009
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A female that can only perform the "starfish" position (see: sex coma) during sex.
guy1: dude, have you slept with rachel?
guy2: yeah bro, but she was a vag in a can..
guy1: :/
by kiki & dankie January 06, 2012
a cunt, douche bag, sabrina, paolo, insult
your a vag in a can
by Rocheleau January 13, 2009

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