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The hymen. Should only be used in a situation where a woman's virginity is confirmed by her intact membrane. Since the hymen is viewed as a corporeal representation of chastity, it is referred to as a badge.
"Still sportin' the Vadge Badge, miss?"
Any noticable remnant left behind by a vagina, usually on one's person or property.
"I fucked a chick on the rag lastnight and I've still got the vadge badge on my cock."

"My fingers still smell like pussy. Get a whiff of this vadge badge."
by Rock Tober July 31, 2008
A well-groomed, preferably small area of pubic hair on a woman.
That bikini bottom barely hid her vadge badge!
by Dadadadadainspecthergadget August 31, 2010
the female equivalent of a cock block

(see Web)
"I was spittin my game at that dime piece, and then Web came up and was a total vadge badge!"
by Jeni and Mallory January 31, 2009
When a girl sends a guy a picture of her vagina so instead of dick pic it's *vadge badge*
Dude 1: bro Nicole just sent me a vadge badge
Dude 2: sweeeeet
by Captain stabbin' August 15, 2015

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