The best thing at my work place...the only reason that i show up......a reason not to take it in the ass!
Because my boss offered me a VTO,my ass wasn't sore last night!
by ben-wah! April 09, 2003
Top Definition
Abbreviation for Viral Terminal Organism. A Viral Terminal Organism is a virus that enters your body whenever you voluntarily leave work before the end of your regularly scheduled shift. It is transmitted by IEX, which despite claiming to be a "nice company", isn't so nice afterall. Basically, you leave work early, you die. Just like AIDS. VTO is thus another way to force you to stay, working in slave-like conditions, all the while corporate jabronies deepen their pockets off of your productivity. Also of note, it is the opposite of taking extended hours, which of course results in cold hard cash.
"Man, don't even think of leaving work early today. You will contract the VTO, and die a horrible death. That **** is dangerous."
by The Sugar Goat December 31, 2009

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