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Common bastardization of Honda's "VTEC"

LadyMakoFox of http://www.hardforum.com is known to promote "VTAQ" (VTEC) and it's supreme awesumnezz at burning Police Interceptors and many exotic sports cars.
"lawl i owned this covette z06 at a red light earlier in my accord supercharged VTAQ." - LadyMakoFox
by Megadeth_Guy01 February 05, 2007

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What LadyMakoFox's car has. Thats right its a hawnda. Itll smoke any car including Lambo's, ferraris, and your moms Corvette Z06.
Mako> Alike woah I just added a 20000 shot of nitrous to my 4 cylinder vtaq and now it goes RUHHHHHHHHHHH. I also duct taped a pvc pipe to my hood (air intake) for maximum horsep0w4r
by 8===D February 05, 2007