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(Vegas Pussy Police)A group of big dick men who fuck bitches and get away with it.
Bitch:That man has a big dick, he must be in the VPP
by Lil Scrott November 21, 2010
17 5
Alliteration of Vaginal Pork Pie Syndrome.
This involves a hideously disgusting uncontrollable Sexualy Transmitted Disease that creates mounds or even small buildings of scabs, pus or even hardened warts and crust.
The itching and pain of this syndrome is horrendous, and if a penis somehow finds his way through the ranks of infested diseased-spear wielding crust soilders, the S.T.D will infect the penis also. This is much the same as the Vaginal Syndrome, but the bell eventually explodes, leaving a weeping flailing urethra in its wake.
Esh. Bryony had a bad case of V.P.P
by The pop blower April 03, 2006
7 3