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VPF means Vidopoulos Post Fail.
It's used to express "Epic Failness" or "Facepalm" or other kinds of failness.
It has origins from Greek/Geek Trolls.
If you don't know what VPF means, you don't know how to triforce.
-This thread on 4chan is a total VPF.
-Fuck it, I'm outa here
by mallias_gamias May 01, 2011
Vagina Punching Frenzy
"As they boarded the girls' raft, they overtook it with a VPF. Glorious."
by tangxiavangonglee July 06, 2012
It stands for the vaginal penatration force =)
" i think im ready to join VPF"
by thetroysta May 21, 2007

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