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VP Squared: Verb, Pronoun, Preposition- Get=(verb) Over=(preposition) It=(Pronoun).

A geeky English Major's way of being sarcastic to another in conversation, through an overly dramatic and drawn out manner, in order to successfully make the recipient of said phrase feel like a complete tool.

Best used within the social context of a well established and long term friendship as a form of backhanded endearment; otherwise you might just get punched out.

Can also be used in the past tense.

Bob - "Man, My GF is such a drama queen."
Tom - "How long are you going to put up with her shit? VP Squared, already!"
Bob - "Huh? VP what?"
Tom - (Heavy sigh)"Verb, Preposition,
Pronoun, dumb ass."
Bob - "Come again?"
Tom - "Get Over It, Man! DAMN!"

Past Tense Example:

Tom - "Hey, how are things with you and the bitchy GF?"
Bob - "I vp squared that situation (got over it). Broke up with her weeks ago, son."
Tom - " Good for you, man."
by Prospoi September 19, 2008

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