something that is cool, hip, boss, tight, sick, off the hook, and/or off the chains
Vince Carter's dunks in the dunk contest were vort.
by trev b July 06, 2005
Top Definition
To let out a wop of air.
To fart while doing a leg motion of extreme intensity
The old man left a vort and boy did it stink
by SKY "SKI" April 30, 2003
A "vort" is somebody that is so depressed or depressing, that he/she sucks others into his/her vortex of insufferable misery.
"Hey man, did you talk with Vort this weekend?"
"Yeah, unfortunately I did. I started off in a really great mood, because I'd just gotten an amazing promotion at work, my girlfriend gave me the best blowjob of my life, and my team just won the World Series. But then I talked with Vort about his problems. Now I want to fucking kill myself and all those around me."
"Shit...that's rough man."
"SHUT THE FUCK UP ASSHOLE!!! Sorry buddy,...I'm just...I'm just really, really upset right now..."
by Janine McGregor April 25, 2014
Shorts that do not exceed vagina length.
Dude... those arent even booty shorts.. that bitch was sportin' some VORTS!
by SCMarsh January 09, 2013
1. Word used to describe the noise made by the specific type of fart that seems to come out by surprise or accident, like when bending over.
2. Word used to describe the noise made by one's mouth that sounds just like the above type of fart, usually made when someone is bending over, or to express surprise/peculiarity or even disgust/frustration at something.
When our Spanish teacher bent over to pick up his pen, I made the vort sound with my mouth, and everyone laughed at him, and he cried because he had really farted by accident and it was wet.

Someone was being a little camping bitch and spawn raping while we were playing Halo and I just had to let out a vort in frustration.
by uh da cheat October 28, 2004
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