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1. An internet meme or catch-phrase that stands for "Video Or It Didn't Happen"
2. Demanding video evidence to prove that a claimed event did actually happen. Video should be uploaded online for all to see.
noob: i cussed my boss and quit work
digger: voidh!
by mamoqilo December 01, 2006
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stands for "video, or it didn't happen"

Used to solicit video evidence of an outlandish claim made on the web.

Alternatively, "VOIDFH" (Video or it didn't Fu**ing happen)

First used on

> geekcapital: "If this post reaches the homepage of digg, I will tell my boss what I honestly think about her and that I quit..."
> Scopitone: "Video or it didn't happen."
> DJCult: "Yes 'VOIDH'"
I need proof. Post a video. VOIDH!
by Jarrod Trainque December 01, 2006
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