australian built car, loved by muzza's

usually with a rego plate of something like.. JET-747, VL-JET, SIK-BT1..
bRo LoOk At My fUlLy SikK VL.. iTs gOt MoMo'z Re..

OmGz.. lOok aT dA iNtErcEptOrs On dA VL bRo.. lOoKs Sikk..
by Muzza747 July 06, 2004
Top Definition
Abbreviation for Vice Lord. Vice Lords are a Chicago based street gang whose origins date back to the 1950's in the Lawndale neighborhood on the West Side of The Go.

The Chicago Police Department and the Chicago Crime Commission estimates the membership of the Vice Lords to be over 20,000 in the Chicago area and over 50,000 worldwide.
VL all night all day, Vice Lords rule tha world.
by Khaldun Everage December 28, 2006
22-12 short for Vice Lord. Different factions are written like AVL (Almighty Vice Lord 1-22-12), UVL, etc.
Ay man, that lil nigga a VL?
by Jason1170 April 04, 2007
Virgin lips, has never been kissed.
"If we had a NCMO session, you wouldn't have to be VL anymore!"
by Portia270 September 04, 2009
Virgin lips
Your maw's never pulled, she's a VL
by Yourmaw May 18, 2015
An Australian built car, the first Holden with a Nissan built engine. A VL must be turbocharged other wise its worthless and is soon to be in the bottom of the Maribynong river. These cars must have an Aussie flag on the back to divert police attention from the smoke pouring out of the rear tires. Usually driven by Wogs or muzzas, anyone else seen driving one has either had it since the day it came out or is too patriotic to Australia to sell it.
hey, i was full cruzin down lygon street when i saw a full hektic vl turbo doseing it, it was full sik n shit brah
by Master Deffs May 03, 2009
Virgin lips or never been kised. Very salt lake city, utah word...long live the mormons
"She's not VL, what an slc slut. she'll jump anything that moves."
by bubbles bunny August 31, 2005
Someone who's never had a "winch".
Hahaha your a VL, fucking loser... see John Sharkey
by Joe Hyslop September 30, 2003

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