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Vodka Gummy Bears.

Although the original acronym stood for Vodka Gummy Bears, to fool people it became Very Giant Boner, Vagina Gang Bang, and Vivacious Gay Boys.

More commonly used as "Very giant boner" nowadays.
"We're gonna bring some VGB this friday"
"What's VGB?"
"It's a surprise, but you'll like it"
"Tell me or I won't go on friday"
"Fine, it means Vagina Gang Bang"
"No seriously"
"Very Giant Boner"
"Vivacious Gay Boys"
"I'm seriously not going"
"Fine, pussy. It means vodka gummy bears."
"Check it out, VGB"
by Tahanaal November 16, 2009
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Vietnamese Gangster Boy
"Did you see that vgb from Asian Boyz? Lets go get him!"
by Mikey Rocks July 25, 2008
acronym - vagina goo box
the small box above a toilet in a womens bathroom in which women put their used tampons in.
After her period, Nikki put her used tampon in the vgb, rather than throwing in the trash can
by B7, but you can call us dre August 13, 2009
It's the vietnamese gang if ya from san jose east thats vietnamese den hit me up we da vietnamese click V.G.B all dayy everydayy !
V.G.B = Vietnamese Gang Bangers!!
by Lil Jayy September 28, 2009

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