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VFWB (Virgin Friends With Benefits)- The act of engaging in such actions as kissing, making out, etc. (but not sex) with no emotional attachment. To prevent being known as the village whore you are allowed to keep the same VFWB as long as you follow the following rules: no L-Word, if thoughts of emotions such as the L-Word develop you must stop making out (possibly even talking) until feelings go away, and if emotions will not leave you must move to a new person. Dates are permitted but they must be purely for fun and can't happen too frequently. The purpose of VFWB is too have the fun of a high school relationship without the hormone induced "emotions" which ruin friendships. Have fun and VFWB responsibly.

*results may vary
Dude 1-bro I got this chick who will make out with me whenever I get bored but she doesn't put out

Dude 2-sounds like a VFWB
by Jrock67 June 13, 2013
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