Vacuum Fluorescent Display. A popular type of disply found on electronics. It is a type of vacuum tube and was invented in the 1960s before LCD and LED display techology was available.

VFDs are still used today due to their long life, high brightness, ability to display lots of information in a small area and their versatility in color choices. Looks better than most LCD and LED displays as well, thus improving the appearance of a piece of equipment.

Used primarily for status displays on mid range to high end stereos, VCRs, DVD players and other equipment where a good looking display is needed. Can also be seen on cash registers that have deep green or blue readouts.
My stereo has a VFD display.
by Andrew Kwiecinski April 03, 2005
Top Definition
Secret organization from a series of unfortunate events, asoue. V stands for Volunteer. The books have yet to reveal the entire and true meaning, but so far there are theories that include 'volunteer fire department' or 'volunteer fire detectives.'
When we drive away in secret
You'll be a Volunteer
So don't scream when we take you,
The World Is Quiet Here
by Jordan February 15, 2004
An acronym used for various things in the book series "A Series of Unfortunate Events".
Volunteer Fire Department
Very Fancy Doilies
Very Fine Disguises
Volunteer Feline Dectives
Vertical Fire Diversion
Very Fascinating Drama
Volunteers Fighting Disease
Village of Fowl Devotees
Valley of Four Drafts
Verbal Fridge Dialogue
Very Fun Day
Vinegar Flavored Doughnuts
Violent Frozen Dragonflies
Voracious Fierce Dragon
Vain Fat Dictator
Verdant Flammable Devices
Vernacularly Fastened Door
by Mark Bryan September 28, 2003
Secret Organisation filled with vile, fraudulent dictators. Had a schism in which they were completely divided. Those on one side became loving parents to some triplets. The others invested heavily in arson, murded and bad acting.
"The World is Quiet Here"
by Rob Yeo March 17, 2005
a highly secret and mysterious organisation, which Lemony Snicket often mentions in his series of unfortunate books about the lives of the three Baudelaire orphans. it has been suggested that its volunteers work to investigate and extinguish intentionally started fires, but nothing is certain.

V.F.D volunteers use a great number of complex codes to communicate safely, and the commonly used password is
'The World Is Quiet Here' - but do not tell anyone that...
what IS V.F.D? what do they do??
will we ever know...?
by parlez January 19, 2005
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