Verbal Denial of Service Attack. A massive wave of continued talking by one person (who usually has ADHD) to another which causes the recipient’s synapses to temporally stop firing resulting in complete immobility and possibly slight time loss.
“.. Chris is prone to VDOS, he can talk without breathing, sometimes I almost blackout before he shuts his pie hole .. “
by Deeper23 April 08, 2009
Acronym for "visible dick outline".
Girl #1: Omg look! That guy has major VDO with his tight pants.
Girl #2: That's hot.
by sleepy.beepy July 09, 2016
V-do is short for "virgin speedo". It is called this because the suit itself is cut off longer than the speedo while still being much shorter than the jammer. They provide the coverage of a jammer and the freedom of the speedo.......the happy medium.
Swimmer 1: Dude, what's with the suit.
Swimmer 2: It's my v-do.
Swimmer 1: I like it, looks comfortable. I should get one
Swimmer 2: Dude, you should.
by wa, wa, waaaaaaa December 28, 2009
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