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A VBoner or Vagi-Boner is when a female gets aroused and her clitoris gets bigger and harder, emerging from the Beef Curtains.
"You're making my back wet..."
"I can't help it. This provocative position is giving me a VBoner!"
by Der Kriegenator August 20, 2005
A VBoner is when a female becomes provoked into taking her Pink Oboe out of its case.

Health Warning: Playing the Pink Oboe can cause a surfeit of Lady Spittle to be ushered from the lips.
"I'm noticing a large deposit of Happy Juice on my lower back..."
"I can't help it! This position is giving me a VBoner.."

"I've got a VBoner!"
"Time to get the Boyz in Da Hood!"
by Der Kriegenator August 20, 2005
the nipples of a female (or powell, anything with breasts really) becom so erect they form standing v shaped points
"look, powells a bit excited, you can see the Vboners pointing through his shirt"
by Jack954 August 20, 2005
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